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Dinner, 3 December

I promised to photograph my meals more often. Here’s a half-eaten photo of the dinner I made last night:

Dinner December 3

Salmon with sour cream
Half of a red bell pepper, sliced
Half of a medium tomato, sliced
Homemade ranch dressing (Michael’s ranch seasoning with a base made from mayonnaise, sour cream and heavy whipping cream)

A lot of folks will tell you that tomatoes and bell peppers are not particularly low carb, and they’re right. But they’re also not especially high in carbohydrate either. In total, the vegetables on this plate added maybe 5 grams of net carbohydrate to my dinner. That’s really not much, especially when you consider what the tomato and bell pepper add, in terms of micronutrients:
a significant amount of potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C – all micronutrients which can be difficult to get on a keto diet.

I bring this up only because I see so many people limit themselves to 10 or 15 net grams of carbohydrate a day and then experience health problems because they’re not getting sufficient fiber, or Vitamins C and A. I’ve been actively trying to limit myself to 25 grams or so in the hopes it would accelerate my weight loss (before I was eating about 35 grams – and after a month the lower carb intake honestly hasn’t accelerated the weight loss at all). When I made the decision to limit myself to 25 grams of net carbohydrate, I decided I would do so by cutting back on things like: atkins bars and shakes, low carb tortillas and carbsmart icecream, in favor of incorporating more whole foods in my day: which meant more salads, more raw veggies, more hard boiled eggs, more bacon, more broth. I do believe there’s a place for all the frankenfood and the keto-friendly treats but limiting those is a much smarter (and healthier) way to bring daily net carb counts down than eliminating vegetables like bell peppers or tomatoes. I’m not making the argument that some carbs are better (all carbs are carbs), just arguing that you can use your carbohydrate limit in smarter ways or in ways that may make you physically ill (vitamin deficiencies don’t play around).

Nothing New

I haven’t been posting much here, because I’ve been cooking pretty boring-ly.

For example, this weekend:  chopped Romaine with baked low-carb tortilla strips (slice tortillas, spray oil on cookie sheet, spray additional oil on top of strips and salt, bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for fifteen to twenty minutes); sliced avocado and tofurkey Italian sausage.  I also cheated at making a Caesar dressing last week (used mayonnaise instead of raw eggs and oil) and we had big Caesar salads with Italian sausage on the side (I took the sausage out of its casing and crumbled it into a non-stick pan, then cooked it through). Michael also made the waffle recipe here (minus adding the batter to the frosting, because food safety), we split one waffle – and it was good (the waffles were surprisingly fluffy and dense; the frosting was glorious, and Michael made extra frosting for me).

Last night, we had eggs scrambled with green peppers and cremini mushrooms, topped with nacho cheese sauce, chopped tomatoes and avocado. It was a supremely easy meal. Tonight, I’m making the Italian wedding soup again, since I have a bunch of curly kale to use up.

Truthfully, I haven’t been taking many pictures of my meals, which I intended to do when I started. I will try to get better about that – especially since most of what I’m trying to show is that a low carb diet can include a wide variety of foods and the way I’m cooking is truthfully not all that different from how I cooked when I ate vegan (I actually find myself panicking about cooking a protein, but vegetable “sides” come easy to me).

There’s a few recipes in the pipeline to post: pan-fried tofu and veggies in peanut sauce; Michael’s low-carb baked crab cakes. And I’ll be experimenting with some more baking and possibly candy-making for the holidays.

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