I realized, in all the excitement of cooking and posting recipes, that I haven’t really talked about grocery shopping or meal planning. So, I thought I’d post the groceries I got this week, and my planned meals. This is a particularly interesting week because there’s really a lot of variety in what we’re eating and frankly, it feels like a metric butt load of vegetables for two people.

We have our groceries delivered intermittently by GreenBEAN (some weeks we don’t do GreenBEAN and instead I head to our local grocery store). The following are the groceries we got from GreenBEAN on December 18, which should get us through most of the next week.

Groceries, Week beginning December 18:

Avocado (2)
Bell Pepper, Green (1)
Blackberries (1 pint)
Broccoli (2 heads)
Bok Choy (16 oz)
Cabbage, Green (1 head)
Kale, Lacinato (1 bunch)
Kiwi (1)
Limes (3)
Mushrooms, Cremini (16 oz)
Onions, Green (1 bunch)
Orange (1)
Romaine (1 head)
Snow Peas (8 oz)
Tomatoes, Cherry (1 pint)

Astute readers will have noticed that many of these foods are not particularly low carb: tomatoes; snow peas; the orange. But since Michael and I have cut out the Atkins junk we’d been eating, we’re both eating about 20 net carbs a day – which leaves plenty of space to eat half an orange or kiwi; a handful of blackberries or cherry tomatoes; and add the snow peas to a stir fry. The meal plans for the next few days are as follows:

Friday, December 19: Baked kale chips; scrambled eggs; breakfast sausage and cherry tomatoes
Saturday, December 20: Taco salad with romaine; cherry tomatoes; avocado and ground beef. Baked low carb tortillas for crunch.
Sunday, December 21: Pan-fried tofu and stir-fried snow peas, mushrooms, green pepper, broccoli, bok choy with Peanut Sauce. Avocado, lime, and green onions to garnish.
Monday, December 22: Pulled Pork (storebought) with coleslaw
Tuesday, December 23: Leftovers from Sunday (if not already eaten as lunch) or beef stroganoff with mushrooms; steamed broccoli on side

That meal plan uses up all the vegetables we have on hand. The orange, the kiwi, the blackberries? Sweet treats. The extra limes? For use in gin rickeys or gin and tonics. The leftovers we have from dinners are usually eaten the next day for breakfast/lunch. I imagine we may have sufficient leftovers to not have to cook on December 24. If I do have to cook? Frozen salmon and frozen steam-in-bag vegetables to the rescue. And my plan for December 25, as a holiday meal, is a low-carb cheese fondue with steamed and fresh vegetables and salami for dipping (which I will shop for separately, early next week).