I fully expected to have to cut back on chocolate when I started eating keto. Dark chocolate is, by and large, pretty darn low carb – maybe a few carbs in a square of 90% chocolate. A worthwhile treat to squeeze into your day if you have the carbohydrates leftover.

Lily's Chocolate Bars

But when I saw Lily’s chocolate bars for sale at one of our local grocery stores (Dierberg’s), I had to pick some up for Michael and me to try. The bars are sweetened with stevia extract, inulin and erythritol, which results in  no spike in blood sugar or corresponding spike in insulin when eaten. That means that we are able to subtract the grams of erythritol from the total carbohydrate count when we calculate net carbohydrate. I’ll give the net calculations for each bar below.

But how does it taste? I personally don’t mind the sweetening profile of stevia and I think it works really well with the earthiness of chocolate, but your mileage may vary (especially if you’ve tried Stevia before and not liked it). The chocolate itself is of high quality: very smooth and with good flavor although 55% cacao content is pretty low to me and if you’re used to darker chocolate, you might miss the fuller, fruity flavors that 85 or 90% cacao content provides.  We’ve tried the original, almond and coconut flavors and I think almond may be Michael’s favorite, but coconut is my favorite (the heart wants what the heart wants and coconut is my addiction).

Net Carb Counts (in 40 grams, or about half the bar):

22 g Total Carbs – 13 g Fiber – 6 g Erythritol = 3 g Net Carbohydrate

20 g Total Carbohydrate – 13 g Fiber – 5 g Erythritol = 2 g Net Carbohydrate

20 g Total Carbohydrate – 12 g Fiber – 5 g Erythritol = 3 g Net Carbohydrate

Crispy Rice:
23 g Total Carbohydrate – 12 g Fiber – 5 g Erythritol = 6 g Net Carbohydrate

Due to the addition of milkfat in each of these bars, none of these products are vegan – although Lily’s Dark Chocolate Baking Chips *are* vegan and also low in carbohydrate. I haven’t tried them yet because I haven’t been able to find them locally. If you also can’t find these products locally but are interested in trying them, I recommend Netrition.com or you can always check Amazon.

Coconut Bar