I figured that I owed an update after my stall entry last week — I’ve started losing again. I’ve now hit the lowest weight I ever hit on Medi-Fast (which, coincidentally, was pretty much my weight upon exiting high school), so it’ll be a long slog (about 20 pounds or so) until I hit my next new low: the lowest weight I have known in my adult life. And after that, I have no idea. My ideal weight is about 60 pounds below that, my personal goal weight is somewhere in the middle but I have no idea what my life will look like or feel like at that point. It’s more than a little terrifying, to be blunt.

I moved off the stall by upping my calories to a 25% caloric deficit, as discussed in the previous progress entry. The good news is that since I have a lot more energy again, I’ve been cleaning and yoga-ing with new fervor. Michael and I also walked a couple miles outdoors last weekend, taking advantage of the unusually nice weather. The additional good news with the energy resurgence is once again having exercise as a tool to deal with the days I feel low, emotionally. Nothing works for malaise/depression/etc like a nice sweat.

So what have I been eating this week? The usual. Leftover egg casserole (which was amazing, froze very well and which I intend to make again and again). Creamed spinach. Baked salmon. Canned tuna. Caesar salad. Atkins shakes. Roast turkey. Steamed broccoli. Lots and lots of roast seaweed, still. My goal for the next week or so? Up the fatty fish to a couple more servings a week (likely by eating canned kippers) and to try to start incorporating tofu or TVP or tempeh in our lives, at least one meal a week. Tempeh is interesting because it’s higher protein than tofu, but I’ve only cooked with it once, to mixed success. And for some reason, it’s really difficult to find tempeh recipes which are also low carb. I’ll have to brainstorm.

I’m also in the midst of planning my gardening for this year. I have a pretty big raised bed and I’m looking at planting eggplant, zucchini, peppers (probably a few types) and plum tomatoes. I’m considering planting cool Fall produce: as well (ie: kale, broccoli) but I’ve never grown those things before. The herbs I’ll likely do in smaller containers: a couple types of basil, oregano and thyme at least. Maybe chives, cilantro, mint.  I haven’t gardened in years (since the first year Michael and I were married) and pretty much the only thing we grew successfully that year were cayenne peppers and basil (and a few Brandywine tomatoes).  But if it all works out, we’ll have plenty of tasty vegetables this Summer, hopefully limiting our grocery store needs.