Today begins my seventh week on a keto diet. I was feeling discouraged last week: gained water weight (as usual) due to my period and then due to muscle recovery since I spent a couple hours Thursday in the yard, raking leaves. I’ve tracked my weight enough to expect a sudden gain of 3-4 pounds with the onset of my period and then a gradual reduction, which usually takes me below my previous minimum. But it can still feel discouraging – I think this is why many people choose not to weigh consistently. It’s hard to ignore the day-to-day data in favor of the bigger picture.

This morning I hit my lowest weight yet, bringing the total loss for six weeks to 10.5 pounds – which equates to a loss rate of 1.75 pounds a week. That’s a better rate than I’ve had on pretty much any diet before – my rate on Medi-Fast, for example, was about 1.25 pounds a week.

I also took my measurements last Friday and then again today to confirm accuracy (side note: don’t take your measurements when you’re bloated and retaining water). I’ve lost an additional inch from my upper arms, waist, hips and thighs over the last four weeks.

In the end, I have no reason to feel discouraged – the loss has been consistent and the diet is easy to stick to.