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Chances are, if you’re looking at this blog, you already read blog.4d2.org - the blog I’ve been lucky enough to usurp / share with my husband for the past eight years of its existence.

If you’ve read that blog then you already know more than a few personal details:
1. I’m a fat-ass. I have always been a fat-ass.
2. I like sugar. A lot.
3. I have a neurotic cat.
4. I have bounced from diet to diet for many years, struggling to lose weight.

At the end of September, my physician recommended I undertake a low-carb diet, based on her assumption that my weight gain and difficulty losing weight while on reasonable (read: healthy, reduced-calorie) diets was an indication of insulin resistance.

Most people know of low-carb diets as a result of Dr. Atkins who was likely on to something, even if he got other things wrong. I have come to low-carb after finding success with Medi-Fast (an extremely low-calorie diet which limits carbs and fats and pretty much every other tasty calorie and also costs a pretty penny). Today, I follow a keto diet: low-carb, high-fat. I limit my total net carbohydrate intake to 40 grams daily; aim for 100 – 125 grams of protein a day to maintain my bulky muscles and every additional calorie I take in is tasty, tasty fat.

For many people, a low carb, high-fat diet means loads of bacon; heavy cream and eggs.  All those things can certainly be part of a varied and healthy diet, but my personal goal is to ensure that my low-carb diet also includes a wide variety of vegetables. I find it particularly amusing to watch people eat low-carb tortillas for 6 or 7 net grams of carbohydrate and then hem and haw about eating kale (5 grams net carbohydrate in a cup).  Carbohydrates are carbohydrates, but the kale is *still* worth more nutritionally because of vitamins and micro-nutrients.

My intention is for this blog to serve as a place to:

1. Share recipes and pictures of my meals – at least partially to help support the idea that a keto diet can also be a varied diet. My pictures will *not* be food-blogger pictures: I will never do step by step recipe pictures and I don’t have a light-box to take high quality pictures of my finished meals. My goal is to document what I eat, not to sell cookbooks or generate ad revenue.

2. Review keto-friendly foods: bars, shakes, chocolate bars, food mixes, etc. These reviews will never be “sponsored” (not that I would ever have the viewership to warrant such a thing).

3. Track my personal progress and weight loss. Since I am operating under the assumption of being insulin resistant, my intention is that this will be a life-time diet change so weight loss is not my only goal, but it is certainly the primary one.

Please feel free to journey vicariously with me through Kara’s Keto Plates.

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  1. If you’re looking for additional resources, take a look at paleo recipes. Most of them are low carb and they focus a LOT on getting in tons of vegetables and good fats. I like a lot of the recipes at Nom Nom Paleo — she has a good mix (I even bought her cookbook!).

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